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Testing room for burners

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Testing room for burners

All burners as manufactured and supplied were developed in VUCHZ, a. s. and tested in our own testing room for burners.

The testing room for burners is equipped with necessary testing devices. Three cylindrical water-cooled test chambers belong among them. Two of them are positioned in horizontal direction (2 MW and 4 MW), the third one is in vertical direction (6 MW). The chambers are airtight, so that the admission of so-called false air is prevented. Because the internal surface of the chambers is shielded with thermal insulation layer, the thermal conditions of tests approximate real conditions in furnaces, in which the burners should be installed. There is also a heater installed in the testing room, which is used for the tests of burners with forced intake of preheat combustion air and which enables to preheat the air up to 350°C. Steam developer with the possibility to reduce steam pressure and temperature according to trial needs is installed for the tests of oil atomisers with steam atomisation of fuel. There is also mixing station available for the tests, enabling the mixing of natural gas, nitrogen and hydrogen. The testing room is equipped with necessary measurement and regulation appliances.

It is determined for:

  • verification of burner designs
  • verification of function of rebuilt burners before their new putting into operation   
  • burner tests

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